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I figured the screenshots above would be a good lead-in to this. These were from a conversation that took place with the ever notorious Kirkland-turned Naeblis-turned The Anti Christ. We've addressed him and these picture issues before in the blog here:

In that post, I've really said all I need to say about this situation, and the pattern of control, money, lies, blackmail and the feeling of power that one must get from using pictures and money to manipulate people. The fact of the matter is that I've been warning people for years and years, with proof and proof about said situation above and well, based on the nightmare that was/has become the Fubar thread on, the vast majority of people just either haven't read it (?) or worse, read and know about this but still continue to think "it's not going to happen to me, I got this." Here's a newsflash for ya'll - you clearly don't.

The cowards over at, which is what they are, right beside those or are, those living-in-mommy's-basement-jerking off scum of society, took the liberty of banning me even before I got to the site at all. The posters (there were over 20), did was is now believed to be a planned event to humiliate, defame, and torture women on by posting their personal, private as well as paid for, naked pictures for the world to see, hiding behind the cloak of anonymity, which is what drives

Check back to above links to see where this has been previously done before and by who.

This site has been shut down before for hosting child pornography. It probably still does. It has actually on the fubar thread, I know of at least one instance where the girl being victimized in a sexual manner was under the age of 18 in the photos posted on that site. In a further instance, copyrighted pictures are also hosted there without the owner's consent. This is a rouge site in a dark corner of the internet. A very, very dark corner. I've had close to 100 messages, people and whatever else regarding potential suspects involved in this situation. I've had a few people actually leave Fubar because of it, some lock down their pictures completely, but for the most part, the "NSFW" girls that sell their pictures have decided that this kind of abuse isn't worth it anymore and cease to engage in that kind of activity. For alot of people, that's a good thing right? The "Fu Whores" have been shut down for the most part, at least the most prolific ones.
But at what cost?

The lowlife perverts that posted on this thread referred to nude pictures as "win." Many people have said that should disable right clicks for pictures to avoid this. That's not going to work either as people could just copy the image location or screenshot it. People ranted about how there "might be" a glitch that allows people to get into private folders. This is also a lie.
Nope, the pictures posted ranged in dates from 2006-present. That means my friends that someone out there, groups of people apparently, have been saving your pictures since probably their first posting on the site, on their computers. That's real sobering isn't it? Makes you wonder who and what is behind the screen doesn't it? NSFW pictures have been a hallmark of Fubar since the Lost Cherry days. They've been around forever and probably will never go away completely. Everyone makes money off of it and them, everyone. You can all pen the blame elsewhere the site, the perverts, the old "you have to be nude to get anywhere" angles, etc. That's not necessarily true in Fubar 2012. There are many other ways to get your colors now (just ask Nitrostud all he does is live off his rl gf and beg for free family adds all day, this is the biggest con of all time sitewise.) Time are hard, Obama sucks. We all know this. But if you are a girl that needs to sell sex, videos and pictures for dollars, there are other sites and avenues to do that on.

As a matter of fact, I know of quite a few girls on other sites that don't have any of those pictures on And you wouldn't know they did it based on what you see there either. They don't have problems like this. So what's the real problem?

Bling and credits and this attention needy bullshit people feel the need to have on there, its gotten to the point of absurd.

For those people that have read my blogs and the people have exposed, you have to understand these things are done for a reason. And if you still get in bed with and trust people that I've blown out here, then it's high time to take a look in the mirror because even I can't save you from yourselves.

People need to wake up. As humiliating as it has been for quite a few people, alot of this has been self inflicted. The stories of emailed photos, etc are something different. But it's a risk you take when posting or sending anything online. People are looking for a list of people to witch-hunt for this and I can't blame them. This is obscene. The most common names referred to are The Anti Christ, Razor and HD Fatboy. That's mostly speculation. But the only semi variety of proof regarding any of this is this screenshot I received that was copied and pasted and sent to my inbox:

What even is that? That's what I've gotten. This isn't going to convict anyone or prove much of anything. It fits the pattern of this person though, and I'm sure he's not the only one by any stretch of the imagination. Do I believe he's involved sure. But people, this can be discredited in so many ways, like he will say "oh it's altered, etc." You guys have to be smarter, it's that simple. Smarter with your screenshots, smarter with your pictures and smarter who you befriend and trust. This is how things like this happen. There are people that just don't care. This isn't meant for them because they don't care. The girls that sell or used to sell their pictures on Fubar don't care. Because if they did, they wouldn't be selling their pictures. lol.
You're really not hurting them by condemning them for this, you know this right? The people that are hurt most are the ones that take provocative pictures for friends, family, relationships or whatever they do online, then have them magically show up in an anon public forum.

And probably it was for a Rockstar or God Mode.


So there's no magic wand to make this go away. This is 2012. Photo sharing is instant. The best thing to do as far as trying to get them removed is to see the information in the following blogs:

That's all I got regarding the actual removal. And just remember that even though some might get them removed, there are people (probably more now) that actually still have them saved so they might show up again. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but it's the truth.

And, yes, ip matches have proven that people from Fubar have posed as admin on to try and blackmail more from the scared and vulnerable women, including more pictures and cash up to $200.

They even mentioned me on there, cowardly since I've been ip banned from there since before day one of this pre-planned strike. Saying that "me and my military buddies are laughing at JD's holier than thou bullshit." First of all, I doubt there's even military buddies out there, that's bs. And if there were, I wish you a speedy and safe return home, and also good luck getting a job in Obama's world when you come back. Where I am, returning military are doing quite well in Taco Bell and vacuum cleaner sales. That's the reality of today's economy a subject for many other future election year posts. Secondly, since when is people being aware of retards bullshit? I don't know I thought it was common sense. Imagine that. While laugh they might and get off I'm sure they did, it doesn't change the fact of who and what they are and what they have done. So what side of that argument are you going to believe?

So once again, there is no magic wand to make this go away. I wish there was. What I can say is that the FBI Internet Crime division has been contacted and they are investigating. There are elements to this that have indeed, broken the law.

In the meantime, if you get someone like our favorite villain in the first four screenshots above in your box, make sure you screenshot it and think about this - Do you want to be the next victim of anon perverts on

I didn't think so.


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